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A couple of queer expats in Singapore on a quest to make a baby

Insurance powers unlocked!

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We have insurance! Even the as-yet-imaginary person!

After failing to find adequate coverage in the first several pages of Google offerings, we refined our search, which is to say that we searched for someone who would know how to search better than we do. Enter the international health insurance experts at Medibroker. Steve McCrady, our friendly, patient, and knowledgeable international sales adviser, came up with a pair of plans, and when their powers combine, both E and hypothetical human get health insurance!

So. Baby gets Globality. That’s the only insurer that definitely covers babies conceived by artificial means. The sales reps at Allianz think Allianz also covers artificially conceived babies, but it’s not explicitly stated in the policy, and that’s just not good enough, Allianz. Try harder. Also, at Allianz, both E and I would have to have their insurance on a (very pricy) plan together. Because, you know, my health insurance coverage is super relevant in this scenario. Actually, it turns out that it is, but in the bad way that only makes sense if you’re on way-past-the-gateway drugs or you’re an actuary: I already have a pretty basic one-person plan with Allianz, and I’m not allowed to cancel it and re-up with E on the more expensive comprehensive two-person plan until my plan expires in November, and then the 10-month waiting period for any kind of maternity/birth/baby coverage starts. Sorry, Allianz. That’s crazy. (But good thought on the cancelling in November part. I might have a chat with Steve about some other options for me…)

Anyway, so Globality’s got exterior-baby covered, but interior-baby-wise, we needed something else because Globality’s comprehensive plan for mums-to-be is waaaay too expensive. So for E’s insurance, we have Axa, which is the only insurer that at least covers complications even if the 10-month waiting period isn’t over yet (e.g., if the baby is born prematurely and the aforementioned bloodbath ensues).

We definitely recommend contacting Medibroker. They really know their stuff.



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