Baby, plan your birth!

A couple of queer expats in Singapore on a quest to make a baby


We’re a recently married American couple living in Singapore, and we’re just trying to make a baby. From what we remember from sex-ed class at Catholic school, 14-year-old girls get pregnant just by kissing boys on the school bus. (Just kidding… sex-ed class was a couple of slideshows of STDs and a stern talk about the evils of contraception.)

But it’s harder when you have a surplus of uteri and a distinct lack of sperm. Harder still when you live in a foreign country in which homosexuality is officially illegal, insurance doesn’t cover pregnancy, and sperm has to be imported from the US and then inserted in yet another country.

Follow our adventures as we attempt to get knocked up and give birth in Singapore!

-E & H


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi E&H

    We’re M&M, and we’re in the baby way as well. Let’s connect!


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  2. Yes! Email me. I’m assuming you can see my email as it’s your blog?


  3. Hello E&H and M&M,

    I’ld love to connect with you both. We have a 2 year old and love to meet other same sex parents. email me?


  4. Hi, this is D&K, we are thinking of getting pregnant in about 2 months. Could sure use some tips and pointers! Do send me an email if you would like to connect and are still in Singapore!


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